Welcome to my mess! My name is Britt and I’m a writer of all the things. I’m the gal you come to when you want to have a pun time.
I’m well-versed in working with a wide range of industries, but my passions draw me toward psychology, research, self-help, holistic health & wellness, entrepreneurship, sustainability, creative marketing, and SEO.
Let me show you around…
Mind the Mess on Mondays is a writing portfolio, including AP style samples, creative diction, and blogging on thoughts and relationships in all their forms and expressions.

Home Office Survival

Work-from-home survival guides and product lists

Mindful Mess

Spirit guides and articles on mindfulness practices, consciousness, astrology, and feminism

Creative Mess

Creative writing samples, poetry, and research-centered psychology articles

Tech Yourself

Science and technology articles

Latest Mess

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Moon Lit by Britt

A handmade, zero waste candle shop I started on Etsy, which has evolved into a fabulous e-commerce store. Here you will find blogging related to sustainability, candle-making, green business best practices, and reviews on the craft