Easy, Unlike Monday Morning

Mind the Mess on Mondays is a portfolio, including AP style samples, creative diction, tech-savvy dissections, and blogging of thoughts on relationships in all its forms.

Humans are social creatures. It’s no surprise we create machines that learn and improve upon our desire to be connected. From neuronal firings to family trees, oral tradition to social media, we value interconnections and the ability to build upon pieces of the puzzle that connect to the greater scheme.

The Business of Choice- the intersection of psychology and marketing, of the behavior and emotional aspects of a consumer relationship, are important now more than ever in an evolving technology landscape.

Despite the war on art, content is the meat of our skeletal IT infrastructure.

Where we find love, we find passion. Where we walk hand-in-hand with science and culture, we tread, guns blazing, into a frontier of innovation and integration.

Connecting people, fostering a community, and building brands are my gusto.

When we can understand consumer behavior and its relationship to emotional and social impact, we can communicate ideas across in a perception-based economy.

Let’s create a tribe and hopefully deliver to the greater good along the way. -Β

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