Psychology Research Defined

What does the empirical evidence have to say? Whether I have personally conducted the research, or created an aggregate, below are some topics about the science of love, dating, and the heartbreak of broken commitments.

Mechanisms of Initial Attraction

Yours truly asked 64 adults aged 18 and older “What attracts you the most to a person when you first meet him/her?” among other questions geared toward attraction, and I dissected the data- check out these results backed by some cool scientific studies!

The Psychology of Marriage and Divorce

Everything you wanted to know about divorce rates, with interviews I conducted including married couples in all phases of their relationships, mental health professionals, and professors of the subject

Jealousy- An Irrational Response to Fear

Jealousy is the symptom, not the problem. Discover the roots of your jealousy, uproot them, and grasp new soil. We are capable of bloom

Self Carelessness

These are quick little snacks for your romantic viewing pleasure. Also, keep in mind these range in post dates- don’t hold my observations against me! We’re all here to learn. I just chose to map my humiliation for you all.

Are You Happiest Single or in a Relationship? 

Hand holding leaf

Falling in love puts your neurotransmitters through the ringer

5 Things Women Need to Stop Doing in Relationships

black woman covered in flowers on top of palm tree leaves

I’m not here to tell women what to do. This is to lure the misogynists…