Brittany Fasano

Content Writer & Creative PM

I’ve walked the off-beat path. Perambulating from one area of study to the next with intense curiosity has helped me develop a Swiss Army knife of skills.

As an undergrad studying psychology, my passion for data-driven research and human behavior led me to assisting in research labs, studying everything from anxiety disorders to cultural biases, while simultaneously pursuing a degree in journalism. 

As a features writer for The Daily Aztec, I got a taste of journalistic freedom, the kind that rubs the little white letters off your computer keyboard. 

Whether perusing cross-cultural studies, drafting burger joint and coffee shop reviews, or turning flash fiction into scandalous short stories, I’ve got a thing for a good story. 

I moved from San Diego to San Francisco on a whim, sans script, to pursue a career in marketing and managed to get a healthy amount of industry knowledge in a short amount of time. I then transitioned into the events industry and worked as a coordinator at an arcade bar with a hidden Tron-themed speakeasy and frequent big-tech industry events.

Currently, I coordinate creative projects within the custom art design world and take a holistic approach to managing large scale creative projects and teams.

I’m a full time self-starter and adapt to new environments like Cab Calloway on the Cotton Club stage. Be it science or fiction, I’ve got a knack for pairing analytical techniques with artistic action.

As a seasoned bartender, a shortage of tales is a dilemma I’ll never lose sleep over. The culmination of my experiences stirring Sazeracs and absorbing new industries has helped me gain a deep understanding of the human psyche and data research, a love of playing with language, and a relentless hankering for creative nonfiction.

I’m a connoisseur of crafting copy, cocktails, candles, and alliterations.

If you’re looking for a multifaceted creative Project Manager and writer, let’s talk!

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