Well, that was zen, and this is Tao.

Spirit Guides to Raising and Clearing Your Counscious-mess

There is a time and place for woo-woo science. As an avid researcher myself, there is harmony to be had when science and spirituality coexist. All things witchy, mystical, and otherworldly are not a fallacious line of scientific reasoning, but helpful guides to discovering our unity within the natural world.

On Self-Love and Finding Inner Peace

We are not little Alcatraz islands, fending buoyancy separately, but each a plot of soil, a sprung lily, or the beat of the sun that make-up the entirety of this celestial garden, a oneness of extravagance

11 Feminist Memoirs and Essays to Ignite Your Rebel Side

So, here’s to women who live beneath a glass ceiling, lobbing rocks into the abyss and hoping their culmination of cracks will cause its very weight to crumble, allowing a collective sigh of relief

The Revolution: Saturn Return in Aquarius

We desperately need to shake the foundations of technology, social institutions, population, and the environment. It’s going to become very uncomfortable for a while, but on the other side is the Earth healing with and for us, through us