saturn in aquarius astrology 2020

Published on April 21, 2020

On March 21st 2020, Saturn moved into the sign of Aquarius. Saturn represents rules and order, while Aquarius, one of the most socially conscious signs, represents innovation and freedoms. This time may be met with restrictions to freedom in order to completely restructure our global, collective identity.

We’ve heard the adage “Age of Aquarius” and sung along to its melodic chorus, but as Saturn shifts into Aquarius, we see the changes occurring in real time. The planet is experiencing once again a push to transform, and if your natal Saturn is in Aquarius, this period will mark a coming of age.

The last time Saturn was in the fixed air sign was in 1991-1994, which was met with the birth of the internet and emergence of neoliberalism.

Current social distancing practices are putting limitations on our ability to connect on a group level. This phase will be met with hardships and efforts in terms of progressive ideals.

Working from home has become the new normal, and we’re finding out that being a constant office inhabitant is unnecessary. This time will promote long withstanding advances in technology and structures around utilizing technology to work with people at a distance.

Increased use of technology is met with concerns regarding privacy and government surveillance. Themes of limits and restrictions, especially those expressed by selfish political agendas, is met with this restructuring energy and a rebellion against the system.

Our ability to gather has been restricted, and even our right to exercise our civic duty was pinned against the decision of our own health and well-being recently in Wisconsin primary elections. Are we going to create our own systems on individual grassroots level? How are we going to push our humanitarian efforts and activate our own potential?

There is a lot of positive potential, requiring an energy of self responsibility, and navigating this trying time will be met with the fruits of our labors on the other side of this transit. Currently, we are being set up for that realization, but we won’t be thrust into action until awareness occurs.

Our Celestial Makeup

Saturn has big dad energy (he can be a jokester, too). In astrology, Saturn represents the father or discipline in life. The Sun and Saturn both represent the male figures in our lives.

Astrology is a pseudoscience. Now that that is out of the way, let’s dig in!

Everyone has a unique astrological make-up and unless you find someone born in the same exact city, at the same time and date as you, you have a pretty original chart. When talking about a specific planet and its relation to someone in Astrology, a native is the person who was born at a certain time, in a certain place, on a certain date, as depicted by the natal chart (hint: do this before continuing).

saturn in aquarius astrology 2020

In horoscopic astrology, an individual’s personality is determined by the composition of the natal chart, showing the positions of the sun, moon, ascendant, (arguably the key factors of personality, emotions, and societal presentation), along with other planets and the angles or aspects among them.

The planets and their positions tell a unique story and offer insight not only for the lifespan of an individual, but also their past and future stories.

The Undefeated Solar System Hula-Hoop Champion!

Saturn, the second largest planet after Jupiter, is the ruler of Aquarius and Capricorn.

As the cosmic taskmaster, Saturn represents servitude and discipline. The teacher in the sky presents you with obstacles for growth that lead to strength and wisdom. Even the luckiest of people have to apply effort to sow their seeds. Saturn shows the goals you are here to work toward based upon your values. Essentially, this is dad telling you to grow up and commit to yourself.

Saturn takes approximately 29.5 years to orbit the Sun and spends about 2.46 years in each zodiac sign. Most people will experience three Saturn cycles in their lifetimes. Saturn’s position in your birth chart reveals your major life lessons and the limitations to success in which we have to overcome.

With this current Saturn transit, we will all be reevaluating and revolutionizing the current structures of our lives. Saturn will stay in Aquarius until March 7th, 2023, apart from a dip back into Capricorn from July 1st, 2020 to December 17th, 2020.

Saturn answers the following questions about you:

What do I fear or worry about? What restricts and limits me? What will I have trouble with? How can I take the next step toward my goals?

Saturn, among all of its teachings, shows us that suffering is sometimes essential to overcome your fears.

Your Saturn Return

sorry, void without receipt

Saturn’s position in your Astrology birth chart reveals your major life lessons, as well as the fears you have to overcome to achieve success.

Saturn symbolizes:






saturn in aquarius astrology 2020

Ominous and looming, the late 20s, not the roarin kind but the cryin’ kind, already marked by societal pressures to achieve, also pave the way for celestial drama.

It’s do or let be done to you.

Many significant career changes happen at this time. When we are not in alignment with our purpose, we will feel depressed, stuck, and maybe even jealous of other people’s success in their careers and endeavors. When Saturn comes home in your natal chart, now is the time to make your own luck, and live with intention.

If you’re interested in pursuing a new career path and don’t yet have the experience to land a paying job, then volunteer your time. If you can’t afford to go start a business, utilize free business platforms until you build a following.

When you demonstrate your commitment to your goal and take honest steps in that direction, Saturn will reward your effort. With discipline and taking responsibility, your Saturn Return can be a time of major achievement and of significant endings and beginnings.

Saturn return and the 11th house

As the alien sign, Aquarians are the rule creators or destroyers, but an often misunderstood characteristic: we want to fit in. The 11th house in astrology, is about our friends and groups and the causes we are associated with. This tells us a lot about our friends and how we relate to others. This house (represented by the sign Aquarius) is associated with computers and technology, as well as group consciousness.

saturn in aquarius astrology 2020

Aquarius is an innovative sign—it’s all about science and progress. If you were born with Saturn in Aquarius, now is the time to hone in those ideas birthed from this air sign and bring them down to earth in order to actualize them.

As an air sign myself, I can often be all talk, little action. The ideas are there, often times too many to focus on just one, but the dream of actualization lingers in contempt of the tangible.

Aquarius is the sign of the collective and Saturn is the planet of commitment, so this combination can manifest as commitments to your community or building friendships and networks that withstand the test of time.

Saturn’s time in Aquarius will offer opportunities for making the changes that need to be implemented, but it won’t come without a lot of disruption to the current status quo. Humanitarian efforts and social justice will take the stage, which we are already seeing as a result of the COVID-19 virus and its implications.

Relationships will be tested and in order to survive, they will have to grow and adapt, with change marked by personal growth. This will be a time of introspection and solitude and will require great resilience.

For the natives of Saturn in Aquarius, like myself and many of you in your late 20s, this time will be especially difficult for you. We often carry the weight of the connected world, idealizing social justice reform, and until we calculate the changes we envision, we will have to wade through the fires. Us water bearers are here and ready to extinguish that which does not serve our community. There is a huge potential for new social structures.

And currently, the world is on fire.

You may find that you feel tired, discouraged, detached, or aimless, but it’s vital that you forge ahead. Approach challenges as new opportunities and use mindfulness to decide what doesn’t fit in the vision of your future.

As current lockdown and quarantine measures coincide with Saturn’s current astrological event, introspection is forced upon us as we sit and watch our government administration serve with ineptitude. America has been abused by its leaders, and civil unrest and social upheaval have followed.

But hey, Saturn that frown upside down!

We have our celestial daddy coming in with a slow burn of change, and a jarring reminder that without the salt of our sweat and tears, change ain’t comin’. We desperately need to shake the foundations of technology, social institutions, population, and the environment. It’s going to become very uncomfortable for a while, but on the other side is the Earth healing with and for us, through us.

Come together, right now, under Saturn. Or else, you could just watch Tiger King and zone out, I won’t judge.

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