There’s nothing more satisfying than a hot drink in a treasured mug beside a crystal, with your favorite scent wafting through the air. What makes this ritual even better is using ethically sourced talismans that are good for the environment.

Sustainability is a mission I’m passionate about. Originally hand-poured in Oakland, CA and now San Diego, CA, Moon Lit candles are 100% all-natural pure soy, made with nothing that shouldn’t be there – no additives, colorants, paraben or phthalates.

Shop cruelty-free candles now at and make your day a little bit brighter!

Go ahead- check the current moon phase, set an intention, and get Lit with Britt!

Not Every Candle Burns The Same Flame

Candles introduce light and fragrance to spaces everywhere. But did you know a lot of candles on the market contain toxic chemicals? I mean, names like ‘starburst sunrise’ sound like a fruit extract from an exotic land but are actually lab-created synthetics.

Most candles are made of paraffin wax, which omits highly toxic chemicals like acetone, benzene, and toluene when burned, which are known carcinogens. Paraffin wax is derived from petroleum, coal, or shale oil, and the added fragrance intensifies toxicity when burned. All smoke contains carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and particulate matter (soot). So while candles containing these additives smell like their fruity descriptors, inhaling them is just as bad as standing outside your favorite bar where the ash trays live.

When used with intention, sacred smoke in moderation can be healing and cleansing. Religious and spiritual practices for centuries have incorporated the use of burning sacred resin and dried herbs to facilitate awakening of consciousness. Purchasing candles with natural ingredients and environmentally-friendly practices leads to peace of mind, and can promote health and vitality.

Moon Lit Candles Are Good For You And The Environment

Conscious Consumerism

Zero Waste is a redesign of resources. Retailers that follow these sustainable principles of waste prevention aim to curb unnecessary landfill and ocean pollution.

Moon Lit Candle Making Materials

1. Jars

I’m the gal around the neighborhood collecting your trash. I frequently pick-up used jars and materials from neighbors and re-purpose said materials after fully sanitizing them (most people hoard their jars and I did not know this until I became the Oakland jar collector). Everything I cannot use is donated to Zero Waste grocery-stores in my area of Oakland, CA.

Candles jars can be re-used after burning: here is a simple guide to re-purposing your jars!

2. Wick

I use wicks made of cotton containing no lead, zinc, or other metals. Excess wick that has been cut is used as a decorating and cleaning tool for finished or future candles. Don’t forget to recycle the tab once you’re done!

3. Wax

I use an all natural 100% organic soy wax. Soy wax is biodegradable and cleans up easily with soap and water. Because soy wax has a lower melting point that paraffin wax, soy candles burn slower and longer, without omitting any petro-soot.

4. Oils

I prefer to use an essential oil blend over fragrance oils. I monitor temperatures in the heating process, including the research of flashpoints and utilizing minimalist procedures to incorporate oils to wax safely. Essential oils have natural healing properties, and when used appropriately, can become a wonderful natural addition as candle scents.

5. Crystals and Stones

All stones are purchased from eco-conscious wholesalers, and I often add unique pieces I find or that have been gifted for extra pizazz in collective energy sharing.

6. Herbs and Flowers

All herbs and flowers used are grown organically in my garden and dried at home for use in oil creation.

7. Packaging

All packaging is reused. Once again, I am that gremlin of a neighbor helping you collect recyclables and stockpiles of Amazon padded envelopes. Everything that keeps your candle safe in transit has been re-used and repurposed, and can continue to be done in your own home.

8. Decor

Each candle comes with a note made on recycled paper that tells you the story of your purchase, and is wrapped in biodegradable string.nd flowers used are grown organically in my garden and dried at home for use in oil creation.

8. Labels

I use recyclable labels that are made in-house.

Once you have burned through a Moon Lit candle (or any candle of your choice!), wax can be removed with heat, and jars can be cleaned and reused for any household purposes.

Stay tuned for quick and easy advice on removing labels and wax from candle jars. And remember- always burn candles responsibly.

I know that whenever I get confused about the current state of world affairs, I light a candle…they always make scents.

Cheers to happy burning and intentional healing!

Xx Britt

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