Ad Hoc Decay-Part 4

Months ago.

Like the smile of an addict

Not sure if it was a dream

or reality, self-distorted.

An economic exchange

for permission to silently

decay, approved.

Mind buzzing to the cacophony

of craving.

of a constant preoccupation-

often unaware of pitfalls to expectations,

set less by the self than other.

Linear decay

capped by the visage

of fear and knowing.

A subtle acceptance of

Notched weeds

overgrown and dried out.

soil too rotten to garden.

drought too drawn to re-awaken.

Exponential decay.

With a weakened shell, etched and stained by

Dualism, and its cracks like dendrites

Sending synapses, when applied pressure

To crack open.

Like the smile of an addict,

Months ago,

Reality disoriented, unaware if it were a dream.

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Interested in social reform, integral studies, and meatless pizza.

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