plants around computer from work from home office minimalist and cozy with keyboard and laptop and chill vibe with plants

Because Your Sanity is Important

If the only remote work you’ve done involves connecting your streaming devices to your television, the below guides are for you. Or maybe you’re a veteran of home office intricacies. Either way, we can all use a little help navigating working through a pandemic.

How To Develop a New Business Venture as a Sustainable Entrepreneur: A Beginner’s Guide

Your guide to creating a sustainable business as an entrepreneur, from inception to development- Utilizing eco-design theory, developing a full LCA, and marketing the product accordingly will set entrepreneurs up for success

11 Best Ergonomic Office Products and Practices to Keep You Healthy

We can all recognize the right and wrong ways to do the essentials of our job. But did you know there are incorrect, and potentially hazardous, methods of setting up your workstation?

Best At Home Exercise Programs: Easy Tips For Fitness Success

It’s safe to say we all know exercise is good for us, but carving out that time and space in your home is easier said than done. Making that extra effort to transform our residences into yet another facet of our lives, our workout space, can seem even more taxing

Begginer’s Guide To Buying The Right 3D Printer For Your Home

Your guide to buying a 3D printer- Before you purchase a 3D printer, you have to know what to look for. 3D printers have become increasingly popular and affordable. Now anyone can now make amazing things from the comfort of their homes

How To Choose a Home Office Monitor On a Budget

Working tirelessly on laptops can become a bit of a bore and to be fair, most aren’t designed with your health in mind. Choosing the best budget monitor for your home office is one of the most important investments you are going to make 


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