A Letter To Audrey

With every second that passed, my fists clenched so hard that the blood drained from my knuckles, leaving a white fleshy mess. My throat tightened as I remembered that message left longingly on his IKEA-supported desktop.

Beauty is in the Eyes of the Magazine Beholder

There was nothing natural about her, unless you count the recipes for kelp face masks and brown sugar body scrubs tattooed on the page next to her impeccably constructed face.

The Night Started Out Just Like Any Other

Published here 🙂 Two hours of odd, dark silence. Thank God I’m not stuck in that crevasse between the wall and the bed like her. How can she do that? More importantly, how can she live like this? Lying here is like being in a coffin. This tiny apartment wouldn’t be so bad if it … Continue reading The Night Started Out Just Like Any Other