Mindful Mess

So you are a spiritual mess.

Well, that was zen, and this is Tao.


On Self-Love and Finding Inner Peace

∴ We are not little Alcatraz islands, fending buoyancy separately, but each a plot of soil, a sprung lily, or the beat of the sun that make-up the entirety of this celestial garden, a oneness of extravagance.

On Feminism

10 Feminist Memoirs and Essays to Ignite Your Rebel Side

∴ So, here’s to women who live beneath a glass ceiling, lobbing rocks into the abyss and hoping their culmination of cracks will cause its very weight to crumble, allowing a collective sigh of relief. Here is a collection of books that have found themselves to me on my weekly strolls through the local bookstores of San Francisco, falling into my lap during sale bin escapades or by carefully reading each spine lining the shelves of non-fiction, my own supporting a contorted head, tilting and waiting for colors and titles to beg for my embrace.


The Revolution: Saturn Return in Aquarius

∴ We have our celestial daddy coming in with a slow burn of change, and a jarring reminder that without the salt of our sweat and tears, change ain’t comin’. We desperately need to shake the foundations of technology, social institutions, population, and the environment. It’s going to become very uncomfortable for a while, but on the other side is the Earth healing with and for us, through us.

Witchy Things

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