5 Things Women Need to Stop Doing in Relationships


Men and women both commit dating faux pas that make their partners cringe. While gender in the context of romance has less to do with biology and more to do with energy, there are just a few mantras of tough love every woman should repeat.

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1. Self-deprecating in order to receive compliments. You look good, I promise. You are goddess. Accept. 

2. Thinking your significant other is interested in everything that has a pulse. Put his phone down, you are as good as he’s going to get, he knows that. 

3. Expecting too much. Nobody can read your mind–SPEAK. Your thoughts are valid, your opinions matter, and your articulation is necessary.

4. Exerting all of your energy on your romantic relationship. All relationships you have spent time building are important. 

5. Not loving yourself first and foremost. You deserve the best, you are love.

Now, go off and be like the sunrise, mothers of nature, because we cannot let oppression diminish our shine.

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San Diego State Alumna. Purveyor of events and entertainment. Psychology and Journalism educated. Interested in social reform, integral studies, and meatless pizza.

2 thoughts on “5 Things Women Need to Stop Doing in Relationships

  1. 6. Cut your talking by 50%. This will help him tune you out less frequently, and listen to you when you DO have something meaningful to say.
    7. Don’t treat him like one of your girlfriends. Your place in his life should be unique to both of you.
    8. When you want to know what he is thinking, ask him. Don’t rely on your girlfriends to tell you ‘what he might have been thinking at the time when you wanted to know what he was thinking.’


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