Psychological research contributes to a basic understanding of human perception, attention and action. Where there is a slight disconnect between research and journalism, the goal of these articles is to facilitate the readability of research studies and to explain to a lay audience the importance of these findings.

Psychology of Marriage and Divorce

In a society that desensitizes divorce, it may seem unnatural for two people to date exclusively for a lifetime. Americans, especially young adults, are getting married later in life. While the decrease in marriage rates may seem bleak, divorce rates have been steady since the 1980s, and with proper knowledge of relationships, marriages may have the potential to be stronger than ever. The purpose of this article is to provide info to all individuals interested in improving their relationships. Readers will learn:

  • Reasons for the increase of ate at first marriage.
  • Ways to strengthen relationships.
  • How to have an amicable divorce.

Mechanisms of Initial Attraction

Have you ever wondered why you are attracted to that one person? Is it their smell? Do they remind you of someone? Do they look like Brad Pitt? Attraction is rarely a conscious choice. People are attracted to others based on many factors that are both learned and instinctive. Research shows that pheromones, face symmetry and the effects of different colors can be factors of attraction. The purpose of this article is to explain these tendencies. Readers will learn:

  • Biological and psychological reasons for attraction.
  • What college-age students prefer in a mate.
  • What research has studied in terms of attraction.

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